Hi, I'm Tom. 

I'm a highly creative editor, animator and videographer who absolutely loves creating fantastic videos and content. I have worked for a wide range of clients ranging from start-ups to musicians to YouTube channels. 

I have been operating as a freelancer since February 2012 on a part time basis, before going full time in August 2014. I primarily work in Adobe CC, particularly Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop, and am also proficient in Final Cut Pro X. I'm equally happy working in either Mac OS or Windows environments. I have a keen eye for detail and working with colour as well as a passion for storytelling through my videos. 

I thoroughly enjoy building relationships with my clients whilst carefully listening to their needs in order to make the project they envision come to life.

I find the challenge of problem solving which is inevitably required in this line of work - both from a hardware and project standpoint - greatly satisfying. Similarly, I love keeping up with new developments in both software and hardware and learning new techniques that I can use to enrich both the work I do and my own professional life.