Documentary – "Family": UK Tech-Metal Fest 2015
A short documentary shot on Canon C100 Mark II that looks at the community surrounding UK Tech Metal Fest, told through interviews with theorganisers, fans and bands present over the weekend which offers a glimpse into the family that has developed around the festival.
Edited and graded in Premiere Pro.
Currently in post production, "Family" will be released in August 2015.


Singing Course – Musicisum (
A complete singing course edited over 2 months which is made up of 100 videos, aimed at taking the student from a complete beginner to a truly competent singer through in depth lessons.
Edited in Final Cut Pro X, I had to set up and synchronise multicam projects, and colour correct the final results, ensuring that the look and colour was consistent across 2 separate shoots with different lighting setups.

Guitar Course Launch Trailer – Musicisum (

A trailer that was used to launch the complete guitar course for Musicisum. It was shot in Brighton and was made up of a live band performance, voiceover filmed in the studio and animated assets designed to represent the user experience on the website. This video led to over 20,000 users signing up within the first 6 months and has accrued over 80,000 views on YouTube. Edited and graded in Premiere Pro and animated with After Effects.


Elevator Pitch - Musicisum

A pitch video that was commissioned for the purpose of attracting corporate interest and sponsorships for Musicisum at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. The video featured an animated presentation of the company's statistics and voice-over from one of the founders explaining the business. It was filmed, edited and animated in 1 day and was created in Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Live Performance Edit – Mike Dawes (Candyrat Records)

A live performance video of an acoustic guitar performance in Clearwater, Florida. Footage was shot on 5 cameras and edited and graded in Final Cut Pro X. The video will be released in August 2015 via Candyrat Records.


Music Video – Ill Sykes

Performance video to show the artist moving away from the style of his previous releases. Filmed on Canon DSLR and graded to give an analogue Super 16 feel to mirror the nostalgic emotions present in the song which the artist wanted to come across. Film grain scans were used to complete the effects. Created entirely in Premiere Pro.


YouTube Channel Trailer – Groovetube

A trailer to launch a YouTube channel. I was provided with content from the channel which was edited to a specially made track. Additional effects and grading were applied to the footage and titles added to give a concise impression of the contents of the channel. Finally, a bespoke logo reveal was created which would serve as the intro and visual brand for all future video content. Edited in Premiere Pro. Effects, grading and animation created in After Effects.


Animated Lyric Video – Exist Immortal

This animated lyric deviated from the normal format for such videos by incorporating live action footage with the animated lyrics to set the video apart from similar videos being released and showcase a new member of the band. Edited and graded in Premiere Pro. Animated and additional effects applied in After Effects.


Music Video - Meansteed

A promotional video for the band's new album, the video was designed to emulate a broken VCR tape and mirror the band's throwback image and sound. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. Effects created and footage graded in After Effects.


Challenge Video Annotation Animation - Musicisum

An animated addition to 3 challenges in the Musicisum guitar course. Annotations were added to the videos to demonstrate in a clear manner the techniques involved in each piece of the challenges, building up a clear and easily visible reference to the skills required to complete each challenge. Animated in After Effects.